Rae's Life To-Be, in Sidewalk Chalk

For days Rae informed me that I needed to check out what her life will be, I could go outside and see in sidewalk chalk. For days I saw it and drove over it and finally I slowed down and checked it out.

This is what I think her story will be, according to her art-

Once upon a time, Rae grew up. And the sun? It always shined.

Especially the sun shined when she lived in Africa, serving a mission. But not until she became a bleached blond.

While serving her mission, she lived in a mansion.
 Her room was in the top floor.

Before Rae knew it, her mission was complete and she flew home in her Gulf Stream jet.

But sadly a bird flew into the engine and the jet went down.
Lucky for her, she had a parachute.

Although stranded on an island, she was able to fish for large octopus to keep herself nourished.

And the waterfalls were lotsa fun too.

 And she lived happily ever after.

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