Up and Coming

Recently there was a busy conversation going on in my house and Zoe made quite the funny comment in the background. Because of the clutter of the conversation, I heard it but was too involved with getting my word in to someone else that I didn't acknowledge it right away. Then Nolan said, "Waitwaitwait, did you just hear Zoe? That was funny!! I think Zoe is Up and Coming!"

Then just the other day, Zoe came up with this video. I am telling you, she wrote the script, did the costume design, directed it....everything.

Well, the very beginning, between Nolan and I, was improvised. Homie wouldn't say his part so I hurried up and said something before the door bell rang. p.s. sorry we didn't clean up the t.p. before taping.

As if that is not enough, Zoe also invented this hairdo that Noami is modeling.

It's the Braided Triple Braid. How awesome is it?!

If someone did actually invent this before Zoe did, please don't tell me. I am wanting to stay this impressed.


me said...

I just 'next blog'ged my way here...enjoyed my stay! I also tell each of my 3 children that they are my favorite...well, I say favorite 'eldest son', 'youngest son' and 'daughter'...thanks for bringing a smile to my face...♥!

I am LoW said...

So awesome, me! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)