I Wanna Be Cool, Above All Else

It's true, I wanna be considered cool. I think I am. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago I was asked to work with the teenagers at my church and when I was asked, the person asking said, "How are you feeling about this? Do you feel like you are not smart enough, not spiritual enough and not cool enough?" I looked him in the eye and stated confidently, "Oh, I am cool." Not in a prideful way, of course, but just in a "My name is Lo, I have brown hair, freckles, I am cool and I love to bake" sort of way.

But then my kids bring me down a notch or two and try to show me that I am not.

For starters, Rae won't let me dance at any of the dances I chaperone. "Dance anyways" you say? I can't even do that because she will literally drag me off the dance floor because apparently the scene of dragging your mom off the dance floor is less embarrassing than your mom dancing. Huh?

And then there is the other night, Nolan said something that turned out to be lyrics to a song, so then he sang the next line, and then where a neat little musical bit comes after, I hummed it and he stopped dead in his tracks. I looked at him and said, "Oh wait... I am sorry... I forgot, I am the mom so I am not cool... forgive me for trying to play along..." His reply was, "No Mom, you are the mom and you are not cool."


No wait, I mean, OUCH!

But I am cool! I am!!

And don't confuse cool with young and hip. I am neither of those two words. I am 41, I look 41, I dress 41. So, it's not like that. But the thing is, when you are cool,  you can be 41, look and dress 41, and you can still dance and join in on a little song even though you look and act your age, even if your age is 41, if you are cool.


I think I know. It's not me, it's them.

THEY aren't cool!


Miss Cortni said...

You are legit! And you are cool :) 40's just a number anyways. My moms probably the coolest person on the planet and she just turned 40!!

- missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

All8 said...

They just haven't had enough experience yet to understand what Cool really is. Don't worry, it'll come, like gravity, they can only fight it so long. (lol)