Does Anyone Out There Speak Harry Potter?

My kids are HUGE Harry Potter fans. I am not.

I mean, I've seen a few movies, and I enjoyed them just fine. I even did a midnight showing on opening night one time. But it was for the kids, not for me. I've seen a few of the movies but not all. I'm just not that into it.

I couldn't carry on a Harry Potter conversation.

As a matter of fact, this that I am about to show you, is over my head in a Harry Potter sort of way.

Nolan had these Ain't You Knew pictures taped to his door for a while, but after the latest Harry Potter movie came out, he took them down for this-

I don't know what it means but okay...

It was all good and dandy, not big deal. But after a week or so, he added this to the girls bedroom door-

They didn't like being called a Huffle Puff. Anyone know why?

So Naomi had a little pay back, but the night she came up with it, Nolan was running to the store to get a treat and she came to me and said, "I have this for Nolan's door but I am afraid to put it on, he might not let me have dessert." And I said, "Wait 'til tomorrow morning then."

(did I just pick sides right at that moment? Cause if I did, I was on the side of dessert, fyi.)

I don't have a clue what the big deal is with muggles, but I do know that the next morning, that paper was taken down quite quickly.

And then it went on and on again.

I thought it was over.

Then BAM! I had a Batman in framed art in my room!! And I don't like Batman, or any super heroes, for that matter!

What did I do wrong?! How did I get dragged into this war?!


All8 said...

It's been awhile but here goes,

Dumbledore - greatest wizard. Head of the school of wizards until his untimely death.

Muggle - derogatory name for human kind.

Hufflepuff - One of the houses/ sororities in Hogwarts, the school of wizards. Good people but perhaps not the pinnacle of wizardhood.

I don't remember Peeves.

Filch - the old, possibly unkempt and unclean school custodian. He is always trying to catch students in the wrong and confiscates their contraband. Generally an unsavory character in the minds of the students He loves his cat and is unable to perform magic.

Your kids are a hoot. Glad to see this post finally up. Blogger kept posting it but was unable to find it.

I am LoW said...

Lorinda- That clears up so much, thank you for that!!

I was having problems with blogger. So I ignored my blog for a few days and came back to give it one more try and viola! :)

Ragazza Strana said...

I'm a bit late, but Peeves is the school poltergeist, and likes to cause trouble for the students. I would know - I'm a total POTTERHEAD!