If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother...

I first heard that quote from Wynonna Judd when she was being interviewed.... somewhere.... by someone... I can't remember those details. But her mom was right there! And I thought it was the funniest quote ever. And now I can't say, "If it's not one thing it's another" anymore without thinking of that.

But actually, this quote isn't about my mother.

It's about how first blogger wouldn't work, and now I can't load pictures. I think it's my memory card (I hope it's my memory card, that's the easiest fix), I will find out just as soon as I get another card, I reckon. I don't like blogging without pictures. And I definitely don't like blogging on my other blog without them.

In the meantime, here is a conversation I had with my husband the other day-

Gary walks into the bathroom where I am bent over the shower, scrubbing with all my might.

I said, "See, this is why I let the shower get so gross because cleaning it is SO hard!"

Gary said, "What are you cleaning it with?"

I answered, "Cleanser, but I have tried it all, this is what works best but it still barely works."

Gary, "Have you tried Tilex?"

Me, "I said I've tried it all."

Gary, " The Scrubbing Bubbles stuff?"

Me, "I said I've tried it all."

Gary, "Lime-A-Way?"

Me, "I SAID I have tried it all."

Gary, "Soft Scrub?"

Me, "Gary..."

Gary, "Straight bleach?"

Me, "......."

Gary, "Purple Power?"

Me, "..............."

(are you tempted to offer a suggestion?)



dar said...

I guess only people who haven't tried cleaning the shower would offer suggestions

Beth said...

You may have tried it all-but I am wondering if you have seen the new "bathroom magic eraser" made for the shower/tub. I would do a commercial for them, seriously. Just sayin'. And just as a random thought-why is it that I always find myself cleaning the shower when I feel sure that I am not the only using it......deep thoughts.

Tay said...

I use Kaboom. Nothing else works in my bathrooms' showers. Nothing.

I am LoW said...

Beth- I have, actually! And I have forgotten about it. It works but it doesn't go far. The sponge disolves quite quickly. Maybe that is why I quit using it...

Tay- Now that is one I haven't tried. Thanks!