Days and Days

I've been busy with a project that I thought would take a day.

Turned out it took days and days.

It started with some tracing. (and then some more and some more)

And then I painted.

For days and days.

I painted right after a work out. I painted when I should have been making dinner. I painted when I first woke up, even before doing my hair. (obvious)

And the kids kept saying, "Can I help?" And I kept saying, "It would help if you'd make dinner, do the grocery shopping, clean the house, do my workout for me..." And they'd say, "Nope, we only want to help you paint." And I'd say, "No, this has to be prefect!"

Then after days and days, I didn't care if they were perfect or not.

I just wanted it done.

And they aren't perfect.

But they are done!

And the gems sparkle and the lights glow in the dark.

At last I am ready for girls camp.

See ya'll next week.


Sister Black said...

They look awesome!

Have fun at camp---and I hope these going over in a BIG way!

dar said...

its looks great, and they look perfect to me. hope they appreciate all the hard work you put into it