He Said, She Said

(This picture is prolly 20 years old. Goodness gracious!!)

Yesterday Gary and I took a teeny tiny Sunday stroll.


Gary took my hand in his and said, "I love you."


I said, "Why?"


He said, "Cause you are my wife."


I said, "What if I wasn't your wife and you were married to someone else?"


He said, "Then I'd love her."




Sister Black said...

The RIGHT answer would have been "Then I'd WISH I was in love with you...I just might not know it." (0:

All8 said...

I like his answer. That's how it should be. I wish more people (as in the general, nebulous sense of the word) felt that way.

I am LoW said...

Ma- Something like that. :)

Lorinda- That is VERY true. However, he needs to come up with a reason for loving me other than "because you are my wife"... that is a good reason but I wanna hear more! :)