Playing (with) Cards

Zoe has been playing Uno a lot lately.
Not that kind of Uno, this kind-
She asked me if she could take a picture and this is what she got-

When she went to be that night, she posted this sign-

And it worked! The next morning, it was still intact. Not a soul touched it.

Then she had time before church and she tore it all down and built a Uno Tent City.

(I especially like the mini-tents made by the mini-Uno cards)

She placed the sign up again- Do not touch!! I mean it!!
But Boo is such a rebel. It's like, if you tell her not to do something, it makes her want to do it all the more. (that's why she fits this family so well)

But ya know, the Tent City was built right by an active Volcano so destruction was inevitable.

(Volcano was built by Naomi)



dar said...

how fun and super cool uses of cards

Sister Black said...

I guess I got her the wrong game! Love her buildings...SCARY volcano...and so close to the tents! BAD BOO!!!

Mamafamilias said...

I am SO impressed! I love, love, love the mini tents.