1/2 a Month Ago

About a half a month ago I turned 41.
It was a strange birthday. My husband worked and by that I do not mean that he didn't take off the day for me, or that he worked all day but we had the evening together. He had to work that night, so he had to sleep that day. So I hardly saw him at all.
That was kind of a bummer.
But here are the highlights.
My Zoe made me this.
How cute is that? And very artistic. It's not just stuff thrown on a wooden heart, it all works. She's been telling us that her art teacher uses her work as an example to the class quite often, and that others get their art work back where he asks her if he may display her in his class room. Zoe says, "Maybe I have the talent like the other kids." I think she does.
Oh, and a friend brought me flowers.

(even though I forgot her birthday. I always forget others birthdays. I am a bad friend.)
And the most surprising gift of all was this-

Nolan walked in from work at about 10 PM, he had bought me a little mini cake, stuck a candle in it, and had it lit when he came in all while singing Happy Birthday. And his gift to me was in the most beautiful Walmart bag.

.Wow, Nolan!! You done did good (for a 19 year old boy)!

.Do you remember that in my last post, I said my birthday was entertaining?

.That comes tomorrow.

,Not that I am trying to be difficult, but my computer/IE/Blogger is being difficult and won't let me post a video and pictures at the same time.




All8 said...

It seems like most of your kiddos are pretty talented. Congratulations to Zoe for ruffling and blinging her momma's heart. Definitely as talented as the other kids.

Walmart gift bag - Priceless (lol)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I am a bad friend too. No wonder we get along so well.

Happy birthday to one of the best people I don't know.


P.S. Zoe's art is bee-U-tiful.