Me & Couponing

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I will try anything once (well, maybe not anything... nothing illegal or immoral, etc) and I am all about saving money (seriously, alllll aboout it), so when my sister first told me about this extreme couponing, I should have jumped right on it. I am not so sure why I didn't. But for whatever reason I put it off until just a couple of weeks ago.

So I did it. I collected some coupons, I even put them in my kids old pokemon card holders, because I saw someone else do that, and I went shopping at the one store that couponers always mention. Yeah, I shopped with my coupons.... but I wasn't so impressed with my savings. I went to another store and shopped, I was more impressed that time.

I saved. It felt good.

But I am confused by this couponing business. I still have a lot to learn. For example, some of the items I was most excited to get at a discount because it's something we used a lot of (canned tomatoes, in case you were wondering) were cleared off the shelf. So this is more of a race? And then I hear the term "rain check".... so I have to stand in another line to get one of those? And then... come back? And some of my coupones are doubled, like this one store is known for, but not all. Why some and not others?

Oh yeah, lots to learn. Lots and lots.

To top off my coupon confusion, while standing in line with my coupon book out, I suddenly hear a lady's voice, "Here" she says, thrusting a coupon for yogurt at me. "Thanks!" I said as she walked off.

What's that about? What am I missing? Is that what couponers do? Was I suppose to offer her one in return? I feel like I am a part of a club but I don't yet know the rules.

Lots to learn, I say. Lots and lots.

p.s. Got a coupon for Feta Cheese? Italian dressing? Chicken? If so,

you could use it to make these delicious wraps for your youngin's lunch box.

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Mamafamilias said...

Oh yea. Heather got me onto the couponing thing about a year or so ago. I jumped on it to begin with. Then I lost interest. Now I'm back to it because I have to find some money somewhere. Problem is, all the good deals are always gone by the time I get off work. And it takes alot of my brain cells to figure out the best deals.

It works if you have a gazillion hours to spend on it. And I don't.

And saving $10.00 on Nicodern really doesn't help me much.