Christmas Eve 2010

Two-thouzand-ten brought an earlier Christmas Eve party than in years past. You see, now-a-days lots of my siblings have kids and with that comes bike assembling and such. And maybe, just maybe, they put such things off until Christmas Eve. So they asked for an earlier Christmas Eve partay and they got it.

So here I sit, 8 PM and all the guest are gone and the dishes are in the dishwasher and I am left with only photographic evidence of the night.

.I would like to first highlight our gingerbread house competition.

.Here are just a few of the competitors posing for a picture-

.I am not in the picture because I was off to the side pouting. You see, I love abstract art and my gingerbread house was abstract. It's the one pictured below, on the left.

I call it A Work in Progress. The judges called it, "We vote for the other one."

When it came down to it, we had to vote on a top 3-

/The one on the left is my pa's. The one in the middle is my huzbands. The one on the right is my older brother Brian's.

We each had to vote and it was SO hard for me! Think about it, one is my daddy's and one is my husbands! Oh, and there is my brothers but I felt no obligation there. However, I really liked his!

.Guess who won though?!


And I didn't even vote for him. (I went with my dad)

But may I point out that my mom's gingerbread house totally rocked?
It should have been in the top 3, at least.

Just sayin.

.Oh, and to explain my not feeling obligated to vote for my brother? (in any way whatsoever)

The blur of mine and his hands in this picture? That comes from him doing that MOST AGGRAVATING EVER squeezy thing right above the knee and me freakin' out and smacking him on his knee to pay him back.

He is that kind of brother.


Merry Christmas!!!


Sister Black said...

HAHAHA! I wondered what that kerfuffle was when you guys were getting pictures taken. That's SO Brian! Thanks for featuring my gingerbread house. I SOOO wanted to weeen!

Sister Black said...

oh! And thanks for hosting the par-ty...it was outstanding as always and I LOVED the candy with the marshmallows & cherries, the white choco jumble and the yummy cookies and adorable santa cupcakes. "Believe" is already on my mantle (0:

Mel said...

Lorinda - you look great! I love that shirt

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Gary's was pretty abstract too, if I do say so myself. No wonder you guys got together, you're both modern and progressive.