Once Upcon a Time My Big Kids Were Little Kids



I can't remember if I have shared these before, but I think it's worth a repeat either way.


About a year ago we were at Gary's mum's house and put in this old video. Because the video was hers, I hadn't seen it since it was recorded. And because I didn't know what else to do about it, I recorded the TV playing the video.


I can't believe Wes' voice was so stinkin' sweet at one time!

(not that it's unsweet now.....)

And Nolan.... oh, that little stocky Nolan.

And Gary's father (who is no longer with us) did love the babies and the babies loved him.


It's clear from this video of him and Rae, isn't it?

I stumbled on these last night and just had to post. Or repost. I am too lazy to check and see if it's been done before but I was so happy to see them again and hopefully I am not alone.


Sister Black said...

I've got one thing to say...RAE IS GOING TO BE SOOOO MAD AT YOU!

Sister Black said...

You did have some cute, chubby, pleasin' babies too (0:

dar said...

so cute, so sweet, so precious

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my gosh, doesn't it make your heart sniffle to see that. We just watch a bunch of old videos and it's so darn cute/sad.

How sweet.