Just a Little Bit

.Enjoy this video of Zoe's PTA performance while you can, because youtube emailed me and said there was a possible copyright violation. They will let me know if the video needs to be removed.

.I reckon it's the look-a-like Aretha Frankin. I know I almost mistook her for the real deal.



Speaking of Diva's, our Walmart had a Grand Reopening the other day and Zoe and her chorus were invited to come sing the National Anthem.

That morning while in the car line dropping her off at school she said, "Move it people, coming through, don't you know I have a preformance at Walmart today?!"


I think this 4th grade chorus gig is getting to her head.




Sister Black said...

CU-U-TE! You go Zoe! Hope the performance gets to stay on youtube (0:

All8 said...

Cute Zoe. Hope her gig at Walmart was as Fabo as the Respect performance.