Birthday Report


More on Nolan's birthday....

Traditionally we show the kids their scrapbook with their baby pictureson their birthday. But because there are so many pictures of Nolan in Wes' scrapbook and their birthdays are less than a month a part and we get to talking about when Nolan was a baby too, we don't really do it on Nolan's birthday.


But here is Nolan's 1st birthday picture.


Nolan isn't a fan of us talking about when he was a baby because he says all we say is that he was chubby. But seriously.....


Nolan's only birthday wish was some foreign movie he's been asking for since last Christmas. We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and I snuck over and bought it. Then I found him and said, "Hey, why don't you come show me what movie it is you've been wanting." Turns out I bought the last one and he was all bummed out when he couldn't find it so I could buy it.

This is him saying, "You did get it for me!"

Then since all the kids were together, I thought I'd get a group shot. Try to, anyways....

Right here Rae was going for the cheek squeeze....

Then she remembered he was still hurting.... Woops.

Rae points out Nolan's soul patch.

I told him yesterday that I thought I might see some gray hairs in there. He brushed me off. But soon after this picture was taken Zoe said, "It looks gray."


Graying at 19 is not unusual on my side of the family.

Okay.... so moving on... the Birthday Boy looks bored....

So I had him model his new Birthday Suit.

Sweet, huh?


dar said...

so fun when you can trick your kid with a gift!
the look on rae's face when she accidently got his cheeks!
looks like a good b-day with movie, new clothes, family!

Sister Black said...

I LOVE the birthday suit (0: but I loved the baby one better. Glad he was well enough to celebrate his big day. Happy birthday, Nolan. Make it a great year!