It's Ain't What it Used to Be

.Monday I attended my two youngest girls Field Day.

There were many events at their Field Day we just didn't do when I was in elementary school.
Such as this.

(aren't those two boys in front of the line hilarious in the pic?)

And this. Although it does look cool and refreshing.

And this. Huh?
I don't recall searching through a pool of bird seed for a list of tiny things.....

.Or catching rubber chickens with colorful disks.....
Never heard of it.

But I do remember this.

Fondly, actually. I love me some tug of war.


"Mom, why didn't you put the camera down and help us, like my teacher did, when the boys were about to win?"

."Cause Zoe, it's like this..... I'm like a journalist .....almost in my dreams, and the picture is more important than helping. And stuff. I have to capture the moment....not interfere. And stuff."

."That's mean."


And I do remember the 100 yard dash.

And I remember the friendships.

(and stupid boys doing bunny ears)


Sister Black said...

That looks like some fun events! Rubber chickens in a disk? Wow. And what are they doing with the noodles, ball and soda bottle? Fun, fun, FUN! (and for shame! for not helping to beat the boys, you aspiring journalist, you!

dar said...

it looks like some new fun stuff...

I learned a new game last night that you play with a basketball and on the court, have you heard of 'poison'? I hadn't