About Zoe


Yesterday I took Zoe with me to visit my 90 year old cousin.

(read about her here! You'll be glad you did!)

My cousin Irene is a true southern lady. She feels she MUST feed her visitors and that her visitors mustn't leave empty handed.

She had been doing some redecorating (which I've noticed she does quite often) and had a doll collection she no longer wanted.

Zoe scored.

Zoe did what good little doll owners do, she came home and promptly gave them all a name.

And photographed them.

And would you look at that?! She named one after her momma!

It's no wonder she's my favorite.

Guess who else she named one after?

Her Gramma!


Is this why she's your favorite grand-daughter, Ma?

Wanna learn something else about my wittle Zoe?


Zoe is so wittle that she can still wear her size 5 school uniform pants.

Zoe is also very unaware and calls them her Capri's.



dar said...

how fun about her doll collection. and nice that she can have an article of clothing that can go from just plain pants to capri's

Sister Black said...

awwwww! And she name a cute little blonde after her grandma! How did she know I used to be blonde? I remember those dolls and hers are really cute and a good selection. I have several that look "seasonal" and that's when I bring them out.

All8 said...


How nice! Although I have to admit it's still a little strange seeing MY name up there. I hope that these babies get lots of love from their new momma.

I wish my old pants just became capri's when I outgrew them. (Sigh...) Score for you though, she's ready for spring and summer.


Christina said...

She's getting so big though! I can't believe it!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee about the pants.

And oh how sweet about the dolls. I remember one of my grandmas friends had dolls all over her house and I was fascinated. It left a lasting impression on me. I would have freaked out if she had sent me home with a handful of dolls.

Congrats on getting one named after you!!