My Poets



My girls brought these home from school. I love them. (the poems and my girls)


Elegant, energetic, hilarious, smart
Sister of Zoe and Rae
Lover of ice cream, gymnastics, dancing
Who needs money, God, food
Who wants a cell phone, a younger brother, a laptop
Who hopes to go to college, someone will find a cure for cancer, to go to Texas
Who would like to see Will Smith, a talking monkey, a unicorn
Resident of the state of Georgia

Atheletic, smart, cute, fun
Daughter of Gary and Lorinda
Lover of family, Boo, fashion
Who feels, happy, hungry, mad
Who needs food, sleep, money
Who wants fabric, a laptop, a iPod
Who hopes I am a fashion Designer, spy, cook
Who would like to see a fashion show, a fashion designer, a volcano
Resident of the state of Georgia


Sister Black said...

awww! Love it!

dar said...

very nice, love poems like that

*MARY* said...

What sweet kids.
I think you should get them those laptops.