Little Black Book

I have a little black book.

Not that kind of little black book.
Just a simple little black notebook that I can keep notes in (funnily enough, I am not a note taker, usually). Notes of what the kids want for Christmas, and what I've purchased thus far.... in the past, I've lost count, and then I was worried I didn't have enough for so-and-so, then I bought more for so-and-so and came home and realized so-and-so had plenty.
It was a mess.
What's your Christmas organizational ways?
No really, I need to know....
By and by, when I had my kids write to Santa letting him know what they wanted for Christmas, Nolan addressed Santa as Fatty. He literally started his letter 'Hey Fatty'.
I was a little offended. I'm just sayin.


Sister Black said...

well...i always keep a spiral notebook in my purse for the same purposes. i guess i look more like a police detective with my flip open notebook. but...yeah...i have to keep track for christmas too. (i'd love to have a little black book, but the only ones i ever saw were address books!)

Homer and Queen said...

I always find stuff hidden all over the house after Christmas.

Anjeny said...

LoW...the last three lines are really funny. I couldn't help myself, I was laughing so hard my daughter was looking at me funny as in "why is that crazy lady laughing at the screen?"

I don't have a little black book where I keep tabs of things, esp. with this Christmas stuff. I actually turn all Christmas shopping over to my hub so if there is anything missing from any of the kid's list, he's the one to blame. We've had that problem before, we either buy too much for so and so or too little for so and so...my hub's solution? He turned it around and give it to the one who has too little and that's the tricky part cuz a daughter would end up with a boy present or a son ending up with a girl present. You see why I just let the hub do the shopping? I'm cleared of all wrongdoing that way...LOL

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Ma- My little black book is the spiral kind too. It's just.... black. And little.

Queen- haha!! I've done that once or twice.

Anjeny- You are so funny and so smart!!! Why haven't I thought of handing it all over to my husband?!?