Christmas Eve

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This post is dedicated to my two wonderful sisters who missed my Christmas Eve party. They weren't just physically missing it, but in their hearts they were missing it and I could tell.

I post this so that the two of you may feel like you were a part of the night, AniC and DarlaG.
In no particular order...
We do a talent show every year. AniC asked if she could do one over the phone and so I put her on speaker phone and she sang a song. Rudolph, to be exact.

Funny thing is we called Darla impromptu and she and her family sang the exact same song as AniC.

There wasn't much talent shared otherwise.

.Rae showed some art she created.

Naomi sang a song.

I wonder if we'd get lots more talents shared if we did them all by phone.

We played Rock, Paper, Scissors Train twice. (Naomi won both times. She's really good at the game, you know.)


We played with cute babies.
Cute babies played with each other.

Big boys with pretty hair played with pink guitars.

Then we did that Gingerbread House competition that AniC and I came up with.


It was kinda a Top Chef deal, Gramma's team versus Grampa's team.

I learned a lot from it. As in, I'll know what rules to change for next year.


These were the two completed houses, guess which one won?

I think one of the changes I'll make for next year is the looser cleans up.

Merry Christmas one and all!!

Missed you Darla and AniC.


dar said...

that is funny that we both picked the same song... but who sang it better?!?!?!?!?

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I think you guys tied. :)

aniC said...

We tied?!?! That's not what you told me. Just sayin'.