My Last Halloween Post for 2009

We have a Halloween tradition, me and my two young trick-or-treaters.
On Halloween, we first trick-or-treat in a little retirement community.


Not so much because the candy there is better, but because the citizens seem to be tickled by trick-or-treaters.

Some are waiting for trick-or-treaters in the rocking chairs on their porch.

This sweet lady asked, "Do you want an apple or an orange?"

And this sweet lady had her curlers in.

We first started visiting this retirement community to see my 90-something year old cousin. It turns out her sister was visiting, so we got to see cousins.

When Ruth came to visit Irene, she brought her a cute little toy Witch that you could push her head down and then she's pop up and say something.


Watch my cousin Ruth (in the light green) in this video.

She jumped every time the witch popped up. Every 20 times, at least.
She said she does the same with her toaster.
Me too.

After our visit with the sweet elderly, we went to our friends for more trick-or-treating.

And remember the girls pulling the guts out of their pumpkins?

The results-

Designed by Naomi: Robot Pumpkin.

Designed by Zoe: A Vampire.


Stay tuned, for tomorrow I shall bring you a delicious recipe with the funnest name!


And has anyone noticed how quiet my blog has been?

I removed my play list. Truth be told, I struggled with having it on my blog after day 2. But if you loved my taste in music (which would take a miracle) and miss it, you can hear it here.




Sister Black said...

it's funny you should post about "jumping" and removing you music at the same time because every time i came to you blog and all of a sudden that music would come on, I'D jump! i like music...but not so much with my blogs. (the kids looked adorable in their costumes)

aniC said...

that video is SO funny!
i love the vampire pumpkin. it looks just like zoe!

All8 said...

Looks like everybody had a great time. And your little girls, very cute and oh, so sweet.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness, how cute. how do you have a 90 year old cousin? It is so fun to see your Zoe and Naomi again. I have missed you all. It almost makes my eyes sweat.

My daughter forgot to pull the guts out of her pumpkin this year. That shows what a bad mother I am. When I came on your blog today I had a flashback of how spirited you are for the holidays. LUB IT!