Fall Poem

A Fall Poem
by Naomi W.
When leaves and pinecones fall one out of all,
You know, my dear friend, it is turning to Fall.
It is warm outside with a gentle breeze,
Please no jacket, you won't freeze.
You carve a pumpkin with a smiley face,
You go trick-or-treating in a scary place.
The next Holiday is nice and warm,
It is Thanksgiving, you have been warned.
You have mashed potatoes, corn, a fat turkey,
Deviled Eggs, cake, WOW! It's beserky!
You talk and talk and talk and talk,
You are so happy, you won't mock!
There is no other Holiday in the beautiful season Fall.
Well, good day to you, good day to all!

1 comment:

Sister Black said...

good job naomi! i love to write poems too. you keep up the good work. (by thursday night i think i was feeling a little "baserky" too)