I'm Souper! How About You?

I'm sorry I can't blog today, I am way too busy making soup for about 200 people.

This is about a 1/4 of the soup I need to make.
(soup pots are larger than they appear)
Truth be told, I am no culinarian, but I play one at my church.


Julie said...

YUM - I love soup! As a matter of fact, I"m making soup too... for 4 :) What kind are you making?

I am LoW said...

Oh, thanks for asking. :) It's a cheesy veggie soup. Cheese will be added tomorrow after I warm the soup back up. :)

I am loving soup more and more as I mature. :)

April said...

WOW!!!! I am so impressed with your culinary skillz! It kinda puts a damper on me making a measly 5 loaves of banana bread.