The Chocolate Diet


If I ever decided to go on a diet to lose the last 10 pounds from when I had my baby..... 8 years ago....

.(last 10 pounds?! Aren't I the funniest?!)

......I would go on The Chocolate Diet.

For breakfast I would have one of these most delicious bars, full of antioxidants and coming in at only 120 calories, 4 grams of fat and a whoppin' 9 grams of fiber. No wonder they are so filling. And so very moist and delicious. (so delicious I said delicious twice. Or make that four times)


.For lunch you might would find me on the go (sitting at my computer) sipping on a store brand Slim Fast, which I would get super cheap at Walmart, who by the way, their store brand is starting to look a lot like Dharma Initiative food which is so totally cool and creepy all at the same time.

I've heard that some people don't care for these shakes but I haven't met a chocolate shake that I don't like. I find it (also) delicious and filling and it comes in at only 180 calories and high in protein to make it stick. (whatever that means)
If I were on a Chocolate Diet, you might would find me snacking and/or desserting on these yummy (160 calorie) delights. Have you ever had them frozen? Oh me, oh my! Get your Whips! in the freezer! Pronto!


After all the chocolatey goodness, I might would try for a healthy dinner. Not covered in chocolate. (cause everyone says "what's NOT good with chocolate??" Smoked Salmon, that's what!)


And if I were doing all the above things mentioned, and my kids got a hold of it because they didn't realize what they were eating was healthy and nutritious because it tasted like chocolate.........

.Then I'd gladly enjoy my #1 snack that- for some reason- the kids steer clear of.

Just remember, this is if I were to decide to diet.


(that's a big if.)


dar said...

ohhhhhh, thats the trick... maybe freezing my chocolate whips would help me to like them better

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

I think that would work for me except for the fact that I would probably eat it all at the same sitting. Like they say, "it's all right to have a cozy little dinner for 4, as long as there are 3 other people there". Hmmm, somebody was looking in my window.

aniC said...

i could possibly do that diet. except i might also have that issue of eating it all at once.
speaking of chocolate things...the other night while grocery shopping, i saw chocolate covered ritz crackers. i didn't know what to think of such a thing.

Sister Black said...

do you know if there's a chocolate truffle diet? or a lady godiva diet? or a chocolate covered cherry diet? because i could do any (or all at the same time of those)
but no...chocolate does NOT go with all things...and in my opinion, white chocolate does NOT count as chocolate!

I am LoW said...

Dar- yes, that is def the trick.

Gloria- you and I both. :-D

AniC- the chocolate covered ritz would be similar to chocolate covered pretzels. In other words, I bet it's good.

Ma- white chocolate is not chocolate. I agree!!!