from the camera of LoW and the mouth of aniC #1:heros

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alright folks. aniC here. while LoW is journeying to a land far away to bask in the 100 degree heat and humidity, i'm sitting in the comfort of my home with the AC turned to 73 blogging for her.
so in case you missed it, LoW is going to her girls camp for church. and a couple weeks ago she sent me a text (cause she's on of those people that texts rather than make a phone call) and was all "i have a blog challenge for you." she asked if i was game, then proceeded to explain the challenge.
the challenge:
she posts pictures of her choosing and saves it, and i come back while she's gone at camp and blog about the pictures.
i'm not going to lie to you folks. i've been scared. real scared. but i'm not one to back down from a challenge. i am after all the singular person in america who hasn't read twilight, mostly for the fact that people have challenged that i WILL read it.
but enough of that. i was scared that she'd post super embarrassing pictures of me. lucky for me there are a couple that aren't of me. so i'm going to start with those first in the hopes that i won't have enough time to do the ones of me.
so here goes nothing:
everyone has a hero.
someone we look up to.
someone we aspire to be like.
i for one really look up to my mom. if you read LoW's blog, you know why. she's great.
i'm pretty sure my husband aspires to be like his father. he's a good hard worker who loves his family.
even famous people have heros.
i heard tom cruise once say that col. sanders was his hero.
and i believe kate hudson wants to be just like katey sagal.
my sister tamara. well, her hero...the one person she looks up to...that one person she wants to be just like is...deb.
you know deb.
so in her effort to be just like her, she asked our 15 year old niece (aka LoW's daugther, rae) to do her hair just as deb does.

and now she's one step closer to being just like her hero.
oh yeah, and she also likes to eat hair. but that's a story for another day.


mom said...

(i'm not sure...but i think tamara's going to kill you)
good first challenge blog tho (and i feel honored!)

I am LoW said...

he he he hahaha h ho ho!!

I haven't left yet, I leave in less than an hour. :-O

But I had to check and you did good girl. Why you be sceered? :)

And Ma- why would Tamara be mad? She posed for the pictures. :-D

I am LoW said...

(besides.... who was it that taught me the world of texting??? Hmmmm???)

aniC said...

ohmygosh! just leave already!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha Good job, AniC. And I'm a Twilight virgin too!

dar said...

hahaha... I think I was deb's hero

Tamara said...

Ummmm....I MAY have posed for the pics BUT I IN NO WAY signed a release for you to blog about it! HOW rude and mean and horrible and embarrassing and Deb.
Just so one knows, there will come a day that one wishes they never emabarrassed me.

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

I'm just the Happy Camper (well, camper may be stretching it a bit) who's glad she found LoW and the relatives again, 'cause y'all so crazy, girl.

And oh, yea, I'll admit, I read the Twilights but I did not, I repeat, DID NOT go see the movie. Does that count?