My Other Favorite

Last week I shared that I had a favorite child~ Zoe.
But today I must share with you all my other favorite child- my Naomi.
Naomi has had a busy past week that I would love to share with you, because you can learn a lot about Naoi and why she's my favorite just by knowing her week. First off, she was elected class Princess and on May Day, walked the court with the Prince.

But one of the things I love about Princess Naomi is that if she pulled the above dress up a few inches, it would show her scraped up and bruised knees. Naomi can be found outside most days, climbing trees, scootin' on her scooter, roller blading, jogging with her sister- you name it. I love her for being a princess when she wants and also playing rough & tough.
Another thing about Naomi is that, well- she may have shot my theory about Zoe so willingly going to the back of the line on Field Day because her last name starts with W and elementary school teachers always have their students lined up alphabetically. Because Naomi ran to the front of the line every time. Naomi is a go getter for sure.

And as much as I adore and admire Zoe for being too sweet to be competitive, because really- I think that's awesome....
I also love and admire Naomi for her competitive spirit.

Watch her cross her fingers before the 100 yard dash. She wants this thing!!

And watch how once she loses her shoe, she really takes off. She won 2nd place but I am pretty sure she would have took the race if it weren't for that (untied) shoe.
But if you really wanted Naomi in a nut shell- or in half of a 20 second video- this would be it.

Because even though she was not the star of the show, in the end, she can pretend she was, and make the best of it. And that, I can relate to more than anything, and that is why she's my favorite child.


dar said...

I wonder where naomi got that 'drama princess' gene from.....????

sara said...

She kind of looks like she has to pee at the begining of the race. That's how I get too, it's just so exciting.
Very nice choice for the "other" faborite

Carrie Maseda said...

She definitely added some hollywood flair to her bow, and she looks so pretty as the princess! :)

Homer and Queen said...

Honey!!! You ARE a good mother!!! Just kidding...great post! We don't do may day here...

I am LoW said...

Darla- I really wish I knew. :)

Sara- I think that's just her anxious before running things... ?

Carrie- Yes she did, you'd think she was star of the show doing all that. (she wasn't)

Queen- never do the dancing around the poll with the ribbons? That's the only part of this schools celebration that reminds me of other May Days I've attended.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh that is hee-larious. That is so darn cute. It looks like she's about to wet her pants she wants it that bad. In Hawaii we don't have to worry about shoes at all. We run bare foot. I really really need to get my post out about it. (Once I get out of the basement).

And what a diva glam bam ham spam super model princess you got on y our hands there! I can totally see why she's your fav.

I am LoW said...

Running barefoot??


Do tell!