By golly, I can't believe it- this is the last week of school!!!
I expect to have this view a good many times this Summer.

(and I love that view! Look at those eyes!)
I also expect to have a new chore chart made before the last day of school.
I expect the kiddos aren't expecting it though!!
They expect to have a vacay and do nothin' all summer.
I expect they'll moan and groan and not appreciate my creativity and hard work in making the new chore chart.
Regardless, I expect kids to do more chores in the summer.
p.s. I am beyond thrilled that school is almost out for summer.
I LOVE having my kids home for summer break. I expect
after this post is read, some may think I love summer break so
my kids can do more chores. But anyone that thinks that would be wrong.
Just sayin. :)


dar said...

I wish this was our last week. I was quite upset to find that while the high and middle schools last day is the 29th, the elementary goes til june 3rd. I'm so not happy about that

Julie said...

I'm like you -- I LOVE it when my kids are out of school... for any reason! And we still have almost SIX more weeks of it -- bummer!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oooh, battleship is the best!

And you get out eeeaarly! We don't get out for 3 more weeks.

I expect there will be a lot of post about chores comin' up.

Carrie Maseda said...

I can't wait either! I'm looking forward to having all my cuties home!

Homer and Queen said...

Well I would love them to do chores but the dang Wheelchair Boy can't do any! And McFly...I always tell her I adopted her so she could be my slave, so I can't make her do too much or she will think it is true! I love summer break also, we don't have to get up at 6 am for scriptures, but come August...I am ready for her to go back! I'm going to teach her to scrapbook...and clean toilets!

mom said...

remember "home grown" summer school? summer vacation is much shorter than it used to be!

aniC said...

i expect to see you this summer in virginia.
i expect your kids will enjoy it.
i expect you will enjoy it too.
i expect you to inform me soon of when it will be that you are coming up here.

I am LoW said...

Dar- so weird they aren't all getting out at the same time.

Julie- it's the best. You do have a ways to wait though, huh? But we do go back ridiculously early. :-/

Crash- Agree on Battleship. :) Blogging on chores.... hmmmmm.... can I make that interesting??

Carrie- I look forward to having mine home too. A lot. I am the one that gets down when they go back.

Queen- August come too fast for me. *sigh*

Ma- I remember, I ain't doin' it! :)

AniC- I ain't gettin' a word out of Gary on that, I expect it'll be hard to.