It's National Pet Week!

It's National Pet Week, so let's talk about how awesome my pets are.


Boo not only has amazing fashion sense, but she is also a great hunter. And a determined hunter. Even when we say, "Really, that's enough Boo!" She still leaves us dead critters on the front porch.

Thanks Boo!

Zoe has recently discovered that Boo also makes a great game table.
It's amazing all the things Boo can do.
And Boo has also shared some flea's with us.

So on this day, the second day of Pet Week, we are treating the flea issue.

Thanks for sharing Boo!!

That's one way to keep us thinking about our pets.

Then there is Candace, or Scruffy, or Fred, or....

It all depends on who you ask.

Because this puppy is the neighborhood dog. Since she was about 6 weeks old she's been set free to roam as she pleases, if you bring her back to her owner he says, "Ya wan'ner?"

Everybody loves and feeds her but nobody has taken her in.

Happy Pet Week, puppy with many names!

And Skip

Skip who...... who...... well he eats a lot and his cage is always in need of cleaning. Skip squeaks and eats and poops. And.... squeaks some more.
Happy Pet Week too Skip.
Was I suppose to get presents???


Homer and Queen said...

No gifts from them, maybe a lick or two! We have 4 dogs. Two mastiffs, one Yorkie, and one teacup poodle. Guess who the boss is? The Yorkie!

dar said...

does the presents boo leaves on the porch count? and I'm sure the neighborhood pup leaves some on the lawn for you. and skip, you probably have a whole cage full of gifts. don't ya know, that's the pet way?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are so considerate of your pets and offspring. And they are all so talented. Especially Boo.

We have a loose dog like that roaming our townhouses, but we have all agreed to call her Princess.