We Have Another Giveaway!!!!

Boy do I have a fun little day prepared.


Check this out-


If you are not my ma or my sister- you have a chance to win a $20 email gift certificate!!
(ROXIE WINS! Email me your email addy so you can go shopping!)

If you are my ma or my sister- you have the chance to win any dessert made by yours truly, the next time I see you.
(this one has been won)


If you are Crash- you have the chance to win knowledge!!
(still open: Crash- you better win this one)


You have until noon on Saturday, if nobody has guessed correctly by noon Saturday, the $20 is mine (update: the money would be mine to buy chocolate at http://www.amazon.com/), the dessert is mine, and the knowledge... is on the internet for anyone to find.




Here goes- the first correct answer in my comment box gets a $20 email gift certificate for Amazon.com. All $20 must be spent at Amazon.com.


My 90 year old cousin canned some things for food storage recently and she gifted me a few things.


Name what is in the jar.


First to guess correctly gets the $20 gift certificate via email today.

A closer look.


To my ma and sisters.
WINNER: Ma!!!!.

I told some of you about the above jars, and you probably have forgotten, but I didn't think it was fair to take any chances.


But for YOU- if you answer this correctly and first, you win any dessert I can make- of your choosing, next time I see you.


What was it about these two bunnies that made me just have to buy them for my home Spring decor?


And for Crash-

Now that I've learned to do this- on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not likely, 10 being very very likely-

What are the chances that I will have one of these on every.single.post until the end of the year?

create animated gif

Create animated gif

On your mark! Get set, Go!!!


mom said...
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sara said...

Definately orange peel. Looks like pineapple chunks too. I have no clue if it's pickled, jammed, or sauced. Hmmm, could you shake the jar please?

Do you get points if you are half right?

I am LoW said...

Ma- you need to follow directions young lady. You can't enter the 'guess what's in the jar' contest, you can only enter why I bought the bunnies.

April- do you need to shake the jar while taping it and then post it? ;-)

mom said...

i never could follow directions {0:
you bought the bunnies because they remind you of the beatrix potter book bunnies?

Homer and Queen said...

Orange peel, red peppers, who cares...I want to win the desserts! Or the knowledge, which ever taste better!

I am LoW said...

Ma- you didn't read before you commented, did you? :-P~~

Nope, no, no and no and no and no.

I am LoW said...

Queen, me thinks the dessert tastes better, but... wait, is there food on Amazon.com?

I am LoW said...


girlsmama said...


I am LoW said...

Girlsmama- good guess, but it's not rhubarb.

Christy said...

is it this? At the bottom of the jelly is tinned fruit and fruit cake.

Amy Btw M said...

I'm going with grapefruit.

mom said...

i read it...i just didn't geeeet it.

Loretta said...

Peaches in strawberry syrup?

Ahna said...

I have two guesses. First, it looks just like the spiced apples my mother-in-law makes. That's my logical guess.

Second guess--zucchini. No logic there, just a hunch.

aniC said...

my guess about the bunnies is because the guy bunny looks like brian on prom night??
or because it reminds you of you and gary?
or because they are super cute?
or because you loove pink?

I am LoW said...

Nobody has guessed yet so the dessert and the $20 GC are still up for grabs. :)

aniC said...

cause they were at the dollar store for only a dollar?

mom said...

because they are actually foil-wrapped chocolate candy!

Haynsy said...

Is is your TV remote control?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH, I didn't look at anyone elses answers.

I think it's pickled peaches. Georgia! DUH! Duh? Duh?

I know I'm so right!!!!! Huh? huh? huh?

And thanks for the knowledge, but I'd rather have the $20. Knowledge is over rated. Being a dummy is way more fun.

And SHEESH, is it hot in here or what?

I'm feeling a little weak in the knees watching you and your hubby make out over and over.

My goodness, does anyone have a fan.

He's kinda sexy. cough cough

dar said...

I am guessing that there is a 7.4444 chance that you'll be posting pics like that for the rest of the year.

you bought the bunnies because you just plain ol like em

I am LoW said...

Haynsy- hehehe hahaha hohoho!!! Good one.

Mom- YOU WIN!!!! Or at least, close enough. WINNER!! I bought them b/c they looked like I could unwrap them and find a hollow bunny. YAY!!!

Crash- Okay, you can enter for the $20 too, but you MUST enter to win the one I created for you. Or else.... or else.... or else I will not turn on the AC in here.

Nobody has guessed right yet on what is in the jar.

mom said...

YAAAAY FOR ME! they DO look like foil wrapped hollow bunnies. where did you find them...and i repeat...do they have more?
(i'll take the cake i had for my birthday with lots of extra ganche, please)

Julie said...

Wow - I think I've strained my eyes trying to see inside that jar!

Since you live in the South, I'm going with pickled pig's lips!

(Eeww! That almost makes me gag to type it! :)

I am LoW said...

Ma- I think it was TJ MAx or that other one just like it.

Julie- Ewww!! Not only do you NOT win the $20, but you should give me $20 for the visual! haha!!

Keep guessing! :)

Homer and Queen said...

OK, I'm going with lemons and/or limes...I WANT DESSERT!

Homer and Queen said...

OK, my hubby thinks that it is bananas in jello or jelly and I said what the flagnon?! She's mormon! If it where jello it whould be green for cryin' in a bucket!!!

Julie said...

LoW - Alright, alright, I'll go easy on my next guess, but I'm going to need to keep my $20 for the sake of the mental/visual strain.

It really does look like orange/lime/lemon rinds, but so far that's a big NO.

Still thinking...

Ahna said...

So, unlimited guesses, huh?

In that case, here's my next try:

Hot peppers?

Connie said...

Whatever it is, it's pretty enough to put on a shelf! Not sure if I'd want to eat the contents though.

Look like red peppers.

aniC said...

whatev's. those so don't look like chocolate bunnies. weirdo.

Ahna said...

I dreamed about that jar last night. Clearly, your contest is taking a little too much of my head time.

Next guess: spiced honey

roxieree1966 said...

I love your giveaways, it makes me want to play along. And I never comment usually.

Cinnamon Red Pickles


Pickled Turnups

Loretta said...

Ummm...spiced apples?

Stephanie said...

I am going to guess pickled Watermelon rind. Yes?? I hope so.

Either that or pickled butter beans.

I am LoW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I am LoW said...

Roxie!!!! You WIN!!!!

My cousin didn't call them that, but that IS what they are. She said, "here darlin', we made these, they are cucumbers that we made to taste like apple rings."

roxieree1966 said...

My mom makes them. Or has made them in the past.

YEA!!! Thank-you LoW!

Homer and Queen said...

Great!!! I dreamed about that darn red jar all night! Now Roxie won? That is just wrong! I NEVER win anything! (pouty face)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

See I told you I entered. You were too busy making out with your hub.