All Good Moms.....

All good mom's let their kid's get ice cream off the ice cream truck from time to time, right?

I remember once, years ago, fishing in my wallet for few bucks to give to my kids when we heard the music ascending, watching my kids run out in excitement and picking their flavor.. only to have the neighbor kids in their high pitched voice say,

"My mom said you could have taken that money you spent and went to the grocery store and bought a whole box of Popsicles."

The frugal girl in me felt dissed.

But then I remembered, you aren't just buying an ice cream, you are buying the experience.

Am I right or am I right?

Going to the grocery store and picking from the musical truck are two different things completely.

And now, I have two little girls who are hooked on buying from the ice cream truck. But these two girls have their own wallet filled with money. They've managed to save a good bit of money too, by not spending it on anything. Yet their weakness has been discovered, and I think it's been discovered by the lady driving the truck too because she has been coming by almost daily. And my girl's wallets are shrinking...

Speaking of ice cream trucks... when I was a teenager, there was an ice cream truck that came by my house almost daily one summer. The driver was this really cute college student that was home for the summer and making a little money. I remember clearly the day my ma told me that she thought he was coming by to see ME. It never occurred to me that the cute college student/ice cream truck guy liked me. But my ma, she was right, shortly after she told me, he told me. I'll never forget that either, because that was the first time a guy had told me their feelings towards me and I knew he meant it.

He must of learned a lot about delivering ice cream because he's still good at doing that for me. As a matter of fact, I am in the mood for some right now.



Mary R said...

I actually made the comment to myself one time (last summer while buying ice cream for the boys) that it would be cheaper to buy at a store....BUT..I think all children need to experience the joy of hearing the ice cream, running up to it and picking out something they want. Its a childhood memory that lasts forever :)

mom said...

amen! mary r. "frugal" and memories seldom go together (not good ones anyway) and the ice cream truck is one of the best memories from childhood. i remember when i started babysitting and had money so i could "treat" my sisters to a rocket pop and i felt sooo proud!
yeah...and that ice cream guy from your youth had an ulterior motive and I KNEW IT! hahahaha! see what trouble he got himself into?

dar said...

I refuse to let my kids buy icecream from the icecream truck, at least the one here. when they start parking in front of elementary schools to catch little kids (especially when parents aren't around) that BUGS me, that is wrong.
but yeah, good icecream truck memories.. except not as good as yours low

aniC said...

must be why naomi loves ice cream so much...her daddy was an ice cream seller.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh how cute is that!!!!

You are RIGHT about buying the experience. I have the fondest memories of the one or two times it happened for me.

How romantic you married the ice cream man!

Oh, girl!

Homer and Queen said...

Too cute! I vote go for the ice cream truck for the experience! Some girls will do anything for free ice cream, including marrying for it!!! LOL

Carrie Maseda said...

I love the end of your story! I agree about the ice cream truck; I think it should be part of a child's childhood to at least be able to buy ice cream every now and then. I have fond memories of the times my mama relented and let me buy some. I wonder if the ice cream truck ever comes in my neighborhood; I'll have to keep my eye out.