This past December Zoe adopted a kitty. You may remember Boo because she's been around for years. She was Wesley's but when he moved out he felt he couldn't take her, so he asked Zoe if she would.
Of course she would!!

She took Boo in her loving arms and made Boo hers.

By making her jewelery, and making her wear the jewelry, and then making her pose in the jewelry.
This is the new spring line.
Work it girl!!

Does your cat wear Zoe?

All the cool cats are.


This past weekend after going round and round with Rae about cleaning her Guinea Pig's cage and everything else, while she moaned and groaned, Rae and Naomi came to me with this idea.

.Could Naomi adopt Skip, the guinea pig, from Rae?

.Sure! I said.

.So Naomi has done her thing, taken this guinea pig in her loving arms, playing with him and loving him and fussin'. Oh, she's fussed over this little guy alright, grooming him and all.

Yesterday she got a little carried away with the nails though and ..... clipped too deep, if ya know what I mean? Oh! My stomach as I think about the visual! Ouch! My finger tips ache as I type!
And he cried and she cried!

Are you one of those momma's that overthinks the consequences of letting your child adopt out her pet to your other child? I'm not.


Rae will not be doing the same with a baby one day just cause her momma let her give up a guinea pig so easily.

BUT, if it ever happened that way, I'm just sayin', dibs on Baby J!!!

I have THE biggest crush on Baby J, and I think he has a pretty big crush on himself too. That little blue circle he looks into is a mirror- you must see him flirt with himself!

I don't blame him!

AniC- if you ever get tired of feedin' and changin'- can you at least let him come visit me?


aniC said...

as soon as i'm no longer his food source i'll definitely let him come visit you for a couple of days while big j and i go on a vacation. other than that though, i'm probably going to keep him.

alli said...

My cat only dreams of wearing Zoe. Love the spring line!

I am LoW said...

AniC- I'll take that.

Alli- You should be able to find Zoe in stores near you soon. :)

Homer and Queen said...

No cats, (allergies), but I'll take Baby J! Well, till it's time to eat...or sleep! OK, I'll just play with him and give him chocolate for breakfast...then send him home!

Mel said...

So, how can we get a copy of the Spring line of Zoe cat wear?

mom said...

(0: i used to do that to my cat "dinker" with my pop-beads too. i looooove pop-beads!

I am LoW said...

Queen- Mmmm.... did you just say chocolate for breakfast?? take me!!

Mel- I'll let you know. :)

Ma- Dinker, eh? Cute name.

Carrie Maseda said...

That's so sad; I know Naomi just felt awful!