The Sights and Sounds of River Street

Yesterday I had a date with my Ma, my 3 Sisters (one being AniC), 1 sister-in-law and two nephews and one niece. We took an impromptu trip to River Street in Savannah. It is a pretty exciting time to take that trip since St Patrick's Day is right around the corner. Since 1813-Savannah, Georgia has been celebrating St Patrick's Day in a Mardi Gras sort of way, it is one of the longest running St Patrick's Day celebrations.


If we waited until today, fountains would have been dyed green. We did arrive a little too early, but the buzz of excitement for what was to come was in the air.

Look!! River Street has food storage too!!

It seemed like getting a video of this saxophone player wasn't meant to be. This was the best I could do.

But I couldn't hardly name this post The Sites and Sounds of River Street without it.


mom said...

and the cool thing was...(until this riff) he was playing "our song" (as in pa's and mine)...moon river which is written by a famous savannah songwriter about a place in the area he liked to go for inspiration. sooo sentimental. (and thanks for the praline, it was YUMMY!)

dar said...

very cool pics, glad you all had fun

Carrie Maseda said...

Ok, I am sooooooo jealous! Next time maybe you can pick me up a praline sample to add to my food storage. :)

sara said...

I love those pictures. Looks like tons of fun. I totally have one of those Palm leaf "roses" from a trip to San Diego. What a creat atmmosphere.

Haynsy said...

It looks like a good time. Loved the artist, the two guys who looked like they were from different worlds playing a game.

Hottie and me are about 400 miles from home where the entire family is gathering to bless a new baby.

Won't be taking pictures of Spokane and posting. Nothing exciting like your trip.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

oooh, how fun!!!! I want to see a photo of AniC so I will know once and for all if she really has a fro.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey girl, look at you with 14 followers now! Woot woo!

Tamara said...

It was a great time and the pralines were grand!

I am LoW said...

Thanks guys!!!

Carrie- I'll make you some pralines! :-)

Haynsy- Didn't the game look cool? I think it was a magnetic Chess game.

Crash- I'll look through my pics and see if I got a shot of her 'fro. And you know what? I'm only up one follower, it's like.... I am totally following myself, but I am not sure how I did that. But at least I am up to 14, eh? haha!!

Tamalama- Come and next I'll take you to Two Smart Cookies! :)