How To Dress When Christmas Shopping


Mel said...

Is that you?

aniC's spokesman said...

aniC would like to dress like that for Christmas shopping, but she doesn't know where in the world she would find one of those bright shining lights you're wearing on your head? is that your Christmas spirit?

she also would like to know if you would know where to find a "make love not war" bumper sticker

I am LoW said...

I don't know Mel, tell me what you think of it first, then I'll tell you if it's me or not. :-)

AniC's spokesperson- it's my CHristmas spirit radiating from my face.

Make love not war? hahaha I know nothing of it. I always side with war. :-)

dar said...

that is a great way to dress for the midnight shopping. it would also look great on top of the Christmas tree

mom said...

i shopped all day today and all i've go to say is BAH-HUMBUG! (that's prolly because i don't have a shiny spirit like you do)

Mel said...

You look radiant! I wish I had a rocking-shopping Santa shirt. So, when do I get my own copy of Nolan's fabulous Sonic tribute?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha. Yesterday I thought you wanted us to name THIS photo so I've been busting my brain over it.

Lucky I couldn't come up with anything clever, cause I woulda felt like a dummy.

You totally stumped me.

And I LOVED your comment on my post today. Seriously, I was getting worried last night that people were thinking I was sacreligious, so thanks for the comfort.

I knew we were kindred spirits from that 70's show. hee hee. I mean 50's.

SWIRL said...

FINALLY someone who can appreciate the technique it takes to photo yourself in a mirror!

CRASH gives me such a hard time.

er..um.. nice shirt?
I can't tell if you have the matching santa hat!

I am LoW said...

Dar- I would make a great tree topper, you are so right! :)

Ma- but you did get a gift for me, right??? :-D

Mel- Thanks! And it's in the works, as soon at the war between AniC and I ends.

Crash- haha!! That's funny.

Swirl- thanks for dropping by! It's been a while since I did a mirror picture, but I recently stumbled on a few I did back before digital cameras, haha, I've been thinking I might share some. I even did one in the reflection of a glass door. Oh my. :) But no Santa hat.... but I'm thinking that's a good idea!! haha