Got Talent?

Every Christmas Eve my whole family comes to my house for food and fun and to show off. I mean, share our talents.

This year Naomi and Zoe were all about it. They asked if they could be the MC's of the event and they wrote scripts. Then they chickened out with the script but still did a great job MCing.

Before we go there, I have to show the scenes from under the mistle toe.
Here AniC says, "Husband, look, I am under a mistletoe. Come kiss me darling."
And he leans in.....

And then changes his mind.
Yikes. That's cold.
I've been telling her that my husband loves me more than her husband loves her. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is!
But her sweet little sweetie pie followed through when she wanted a kiss from him.
Speaking of sweet, here is my little brother and my brother in law holding their babies.
And sweet still..... shall we get back to our talent show and the MC's?

With microphone in hand and their keyboard with the applaud button warmed up....

We had our talent show!

In no particular order-

Ma read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Cajun Style.

Rae played a little some'sin-some'sin for us.

Maybe the keyboard lit up each key she needed to press.

My Pa told a joke.

Zoe played the Harmonica.

She just learned to play the day before.

Naomi played a little something for us too.

AniC said she could fit a whole fist in her mouth.

It was {only} her baby's fist.

My little bro rapped.

He's a daddy now and he still thinks his Parent's Just Don't Understand.

My nephew showed us where his chin is.

And elbow and nose and eye.....

AniC's husband said his talent was his baby.

That's SO not a talent.... that's.... never mind.

My talent was to throw food for Rae to catch in her mouth.

She missed.


And that was about it......

Are you overwhelmed with the talent you just witnessed?
Are you?
Don't be. We just are sharing our gifts as we all should. It's not to brag or anything...
I promise, we would think nothing less of you if you can't fit a baby fist in your mouth. Really.


dar said...

oh, how I miss those talent shows... although I didn't care so much for it in my youth

dar said...
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aniC's fat from dukes spokesman said...

aniC's husband DID kiss her! you are just like the news...only posting what you want the public to see!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGad, you are such a bragger. Just because you have the cutest most talented family in the world. And creating life IS a talent you know!


Mel said...

Happy day before New Year's Eve!

Love the talent show, but - there is no way I would participate! Even for my own family.... You guys are so much more out-going than me....

Cindy said...

how fun, and funny. What a great tradition.