Building a Gingerbread House

Today we had our traditional Family Home Evening Gingerbread House building.

And by tradition, I mean, this is our 3rd year.

But that's good for me as I am very inconsistent with...... everything.

The past two years, I always start with "Next year we aren't using a kit. Kits are for sissies."

They are just so very convenient.

There really isn't much to this activity.

Especially since it's a kit. And this year the kit came with the house already put together.

So Nolan applied the icing and the girls adorned the cookie house with the candies.

Are my kids the only kids that think brushing their hair during Christmas break is a waste of time??

Just wondering.

And there we have it. Our Gingerbread House.

Time to eat it!!

I love this, because the kids are all, "Hey.... all that work and now we just eat it and it's gone?" and I'm like, "Now you know how I feel every night when I make dinner."

Actually, nothing like that was said. But if it had been, I sure would have told them!

They were just happy to eat candy.

But because I buy a kit it's- ya know, not the best or freshest Gingerbread House. The cookie part is like a brick so Nolan takes a knife to it and it literally sounded like he was sawing brick.

That's about when they realize that if they have to take a knife to the cookie then it's one tough cookie, and so they just go for the candy.

Except see the small candies in the bowl in the top left corner of the picture?

Everyone agreed they were lame candies. As they were last year and the year before.
{must..... make.... from.... scratch.... next year}

So Nolan said, "I wanna put them in my mouth and shoot them out like a machine gun."

To which I replied, "Cool, let's do it outside and let me get a picture."

And then Rae wanted to do the same but she tried to be oh so funny and turn to spit them out on me.

Totally missed Naomi's.

Zoe didn't exactly shoot hers out. They just...... fell out.

Then the candy was gone.
One more Family Home Evening down.... and what? An eternity to go?

Do you reckon?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

I want to live at your house.

(I don't brush my hair over Christmas break either.)

dar said...

hmmmm... gingerbread houses, another fun tradition I don't do (even if its only been 3 years), but I can totally see my kids diggin' the spitting the candy out

Mel said...

I just can't get into the hair thing. I just have to get after the hair with a brush! What would Santa think - really! Those Elves are watching. Love the ginger bread house. I've never even entertained the thought of doing one of those.

Carrie Maseda said...

I would be a sissy; we used a kit this year, and even it didn't turn out quite right. The kids had fun licking the frosting and eating the candy though. I decided to not beat myself up about it; I gave myself an E for effort and moved on, but yours turned out really cute. So when are you going to tell me that story you texted me about? Soooooo not fair, now I am dying to know. :)