It must have been the 24 hour bug because the computer is healed.
SO glad I didn't take her out to the pasture.
SO don't know why I am calling my computer a she.
But since I shared pictures of my computer screen, remember this?

Well, I saved it as my wallpaper....

Notice the pinball icon in Zoe's mouth?
The icon was right there before we put Zoe's mouth there. We all laughed and laughed when I changed the wallpaper and saw that the pinball was in her mouth. Then I decided to take it out of her mouth but it won't let me move it. You know how sometimes, you try to drag something somewhere else, but when you let it go, it goes right back? That's what the pinball keeps doing, I drag it away, let go, it pops right back in her mouth.

Thought I'd share....


mom said...

so...is this the original computer that died a few weeks ago? or a replacement that also had a burp in function? (crazy about the ball in her mouth)

I am LoW said...

No, after mine died Gary came back with his ma's old computer. We couldn't do anything with it at first, but kept tinkering and finally could get it online. It def has issues, so I am not so sure how long we'll be able to keep it going, but I am so greatful for each day it works. :)

dar said...

first off I noticed something in her mouth, that is tooo funny