Halloween Countdown- ONE MORE DAY!!

One more day until Halloween...
And one bouquet of black roses.
(doesn't the black cheese cloth cover my tables Halloweenishly wonderful?)

One Pumpkin Flan...
One little butter server overflowing with black spiders.
One pitcher of refreshing and delicious drink.
One black spider on one Mummies face.

One creator of an award winning Jack O'lantern.
That won two ribbons...
(but this is all about the one so forget I pointed out the double winning Jack O'lantern's, okay?)

Zoe Lu created this. She came up with this all by herself.
When she told me of her idea..I thought I would help her, I said, "Oh, that's wonderful.... maybe you could make her arms with..."
She interrupted, "I already made the arms." And showed them to me.
And don't you love the one little curl on the big Jack O'lantern's forehead?


Come back tomorrow- if you dare!

But prepare for a fright!

Hint: Are you scared of scary black cats??

You should be scared!


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

super cute j-o-l! truly award worthy zoe.

i luv your decor! u r beyond creative.

mom said...

i'm glad you "said" the roses and table cover are black because i was wondering why you had silver roses for halloween (o:
zoe...AWESOME jack-o-lantern!